Vibrant, colourful, loud India…

Indeed it was, very loud and very colourful. The sarees the women were wearing was just candy to the eyes. Beautiful colours and the stones sparkled in the sun. I was impressed by the orchestra of life which happened on the streets. Women were sewing flower garlands, 4 family members traveling on a scooter, and old men pulling a heavy cart between the organised chaotic traffic, children buying snacks from the many roadside stalls and of course the classic cow relaxing in the middle of the road while cars were passing by. Trees that looked so big as if they have witnessed the city for over a hundred years. It was simply mesmerising.

I found a jewellery designer who had many unique pieces, seeing all the one of a kind stones she had used in her jewellery was simply amazing. I couldn’t decide which ones to take with me. There were fossils, stones that looked like an underwater world and meteorites.
Meteorites that travelled from outer space to our planet earth, how much more special can it get when it comes to buying and wearing jewellery?

Have a look at all the unique Stones she used in her jewellery and read about it in the description 🙂

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