Azurite Earrings

د.إ 325 د.إ 190

Azurite set in Sterling Silver
Size of Stone: 2.1 cm
Butterfly fastenings for pierced ears
with special clip to reduce weight on your ear lobe
Handmade in India
No Nickel has been used for this Product

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No crystal embodies the pure Blue Ray quite like Azurite. The rich vibrancy of its dark-blue energy resonates to the exact frequency of the Third-Eye Chakra, and has been guiding souls to enlightenment since the earliest civilisation began.
It was called the Stone of Heaven by the ancient Chinese who believed it to open celestial gateways, and was revered by Greeks and Romans for its visionary insights and healing powers. For modern practitioners, Azurite’s metaphysical properties still mirror its legacy powers, clearing away tension and confusion, and opening the mind to new perspectives. This crystal stimulates the intellect, awakening the development of psychic and intuitive abilities, and brings inner vision into alignment with spiritual guidance. It may be used for the enhancement of dreams, entering a meditative or channeling state, and enables out of body journeys to take place safely. Azurite is beneficial in exploring past or alternate lives, and its ability to clear the Throat Chakra allows for precise verbalisation recalled from these experiences.



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