Green Amethyst and Meteorite Earrings

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Green Amethyst, Meteorite and Moroccan Fossilised Mud Crack set in Sterling
Total length: approx. 5.3 cm
Butterfly fastenings for pierced ears
Handmade in India
No Nickel has been used for this Product

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The green amethyst quartz meaning is in some ways similar to that of the purple amethyst, although the properties of the two stones are quite different. A green amethyst contains the majority of the healing benefits of a purple amethyst plus some additional traits. Both green and purple amethysts will help to guard the owner against drunkenness and assist overcoming addictive personality disorders. Both coloured gemstones are also great guarders against negativity in life. This negativity can come from oneself or from other surrounding negative energies.
The green amethyst crystals, in particular, are known to open the crown chakra and the third eye chakra. By linking your heart to these chakras, you can increase your sense of love and empathy towards other people. Green amethysts increase your sense of compassion and self-love. They can also help with challenging relationships by bringing a sense of calm to those involved.

When we see the falling stars in the sky, those are the meteorites that crash through the atmosphere. It is associated with the Heart Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Crown Chakra and Root Chakra. Any zodiac sign may get the advantages of its powers and energies. The meteorite is well composed of the powers of the cosmos. It is referred to as a Protective Stone that helps the wearer to listen his own hunches and intuition. It helps you to listen to your inner voice. Carry it with you during meditation it creates a peaceful and calm atmosphere so that you may concentrate fully towards your tasks..



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