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Love, a short word with a big meaning. We are always trying to find it, explain it, grab it, own it. Love is what made me start my adventure of Fashion Harbour, the love for my husband, the love for my child and the love I feel when I get to explore the world!

This Love brought me to Paris – the city of LOVE and also the city of Fashion. Everyone knows the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame, the Champs Elysees. But have you ever just taken a look around you? Standing still in Paris and looking at people, buildings, stores, landscaping. It is regarded the fashion capital of the world for a reason. Major Fashion Brands like  Chanel, Louis Vuitton,  Dior and  Lacroix  have currently their headquarters there.
When I landed in Paris, I was immediately drawn towards the sweet sound of the French language like being in a bubble full of roses and candy and as always, it put a smile on my face.I left the airport and took a taxi to get to my hotel. It was late in the night and I watched the lights of the city passing by my window. As I got closer to the centre of the city, the buildings became more mesmerizing and the details are just a piece of art. I reached my hotel, which was a cute little boutique hotel right in the centre of Paris. The elevator was so small that every square centimetre was filled with my medium sized suitcase and me in a very awkward pose (let’s just say the ballet lessons I took when I was 5 years old came handy). I reached my room and was relieved to see that it was slightly bigger than the elevator. The bathroom was also designed in a way to keep everything efficient, like washing your hands while you can comfortably sit on the toilet (yes it was that small :D).
But the cosiness was so comforting that I didn’t mind the decrease in space. It felt like I was getting a hug from Decrease in Space.

I woke up the next morning and got ready for my meeting by choosing one of the 5 outfits I packed for my 3-day trip (I didn’t know what weather to expect). I went down to have breakfast and was surprised to see even the croissants matched the theme of the hotel – sweet and small. Nevertheless, it was an amazing breakfast, the coffee was just au la la (ai) and the Nutella tasted better than any Nutella I have ever had ( I didnt know Nutella had different recipes for different countries (googled it after my taste surprise).

The showroom was a few minutes away by walk and the weather wasn’t discouraging either. Living in Dubai you get really spoiled when it comes to walking vs. taking a car. Before I started walking towards my destination, I asked the hotel manager for directions which happened to be “Hotel out, right, keep going straight for 800 metres and it will be on the left” – As I started walking, I passed a coffee shop with people sitting outside enjoying the crisp February air.
They were smoking a cigarette, drinking hot coffee and talking about poems – at least that’s what it sounded like to me. I used to study French in school and I can say a few things but understanding a real Parisian? No Way!. So I just let the verbal honey flow into my ears and enjoy whatever stories my brain concocted. I enjoyed the walk, the air was so fresh and oxygen rich that my muscles went into overdrive and I started walking fast, or maybe it was just the cold. My nose started running and with the tissue, I wiped away the makeup I put on so carefully in the morning (the problems you have as a woman in cold weather conditions) I reached the Showroom looking like Rudolf.

The door was opened and  a beautiful Woman came out of the bright light that surrounded her. I’m exaggerating, there was no light, but she was very beautiful. It was this Parisian chic with perfect looking natural makeup that you could only see if you would take a magnifying glass, or maybe her skin was just perfect and she didn’t put on any makeup – but secretly I hoped it was prior.

She introduced herself and took me to the magical room where the new Autumn / Winter collection was on display. And yes, this was THE moment for a woman who loves fashion because I got to see the designs before they were available to the public. And Oh My Fashion God were they nice. She started showing me the clothes and presented  them with her French accent. The designs I am talking about are from the brand Paul & Joe Sister. If you don’t know that brand, I am delighted to be the one introducing it to you. It has the cutest designs you can imagine and if you happen to be a cat lover, you are in for a treat!

After looking at the collection, the order sheet was right in front of us and I couldn’t help myself order half the collection for Fashion Harbour and the other half for Moi :-D. The meeting came to an end and I made my way back to the hotel where I planned the rest of my day in Paris. I said to myself, “I’m in Paris, might as well see the Eiffel tower, again…”

I was almost fulfilled by the love I felt being near that magnificent steel structure – the only thing missing was my husband and my son. No love is deeper than the one you feel for your family; that unconditional love you would die for to keep it safe. And so, without further ado, I headed to the airport and hurried back to them.

Come to our shop to see what I brought from Paris.

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